Minutes for April 13 2016

Old business:  Chuck motioned to except March minutes, Cheryl KF7SQL second it. All approved.

Then the treasure report: In the account $33.97.  And Rick N0VOS ask about fees.

The L.E.P.C. meeting was cancel today but Cory Foster is trying to reschedule before the month is over. Also Mitch KB7BYR is asking for some phone numbers to help with getting some advertisement. The Club wants to have some teaching classes on Amateur radio in the fall. So we need to get the message out, like to the High Schools that are in the area. Mitch KB7BYR made a motion that we would ask Micheal Dunn N7SZY if he would be our Club Trustee for our repeater. Jim KF7TFJ second it, all approved it. Mitch KB7BYR did talk to us about the ARRL Membership stuff. We also talk about getting a controller for the repeater.

New business:

Richard N0VOS asked about dues January to January is one years membership is $23.00 for a family and $15.00 for a single. Also we discussed about getting membership cards, Jim KF7TFJ volunteered to make membership cards. Mitch KB7BYR brought up the Boat Races that will in May on the 24-25. And ask if anyone would like to help out with communication with the K.A.R.S. Club. Mitch KB7BYR is going to be at the Cataldo boat dock. We also discussed about running a net on the 6.94 repeater until we get ours up and running the 7.18 repeater. we need to get the preamble set up and then get some one that would like to start it, and do it for about 1/2 hr on some day of the week. Then Mitch KB7BYR said that he got a website started for the Club the web page is scarsidaho.org and that he paid about $37.00 out of his own pocket. We also ask about doing something at Pinehurst Day and be on the 4th of July and Field Day. We also talk about grants for the Club too.

Jim KF7TFJ made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 pm, Alice KF7KAC second it and all approved it. Meeting Adjourned.

KB7BYR 05172016