SSTV – Meeting Links/Notes

International Space Station (IIS) broadcasts SSTV on 145.800 Mhz.

Transmissions are every three minutes. When they are in range. Sometimes you have to try sideways with your handheld radio (once you hear it move around for the best signal)
If you can record it you can then play it back to decode it:

Here is a link for when/where you can hear IIS :

Here are some YouTube SSTV sound samples:

For android phones try:
It decodes quite well and is free.

For windows one of the popular free programs:

More transmissions can be found on:
20 Meters 14.230Mhz (hottest action)
2 meters 145.50Mhz
Or try this link:

Do not have a HF radio use the Internet Web SDR Radios to listen in: